2019 Playoffs MVP: Michael Thomas

Hey everyone, I’m giving out some “Fantasy Guides Awards” by having everyone vote on my stories. So when you see them, I would love to get some votes from you. It’s a fun way to end the season. I will ultimately pick the player I think should get the award, but I will also talk about the player you all voted for. Today’s vote was “Who should be the Playoffs (Weeks 14-16) MVP?” You all voted for Christian McCaffrey and I can’t really disagree with that considering he scored the most points during that span, but my winner is Michael Thomas.

The reason I am picking Thomas is he never had a game with less than 30 points. McCaffrey’s 24.5 points during week 14 was the difference maker for me. I had Thomas ranked as the number 1 WR going into this season and was so happy to see him deliver in the biggest way.

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