2020 Early Quarterback Rankings

I will likely go back and forth all offseason debating between which QB should be taken first in 2020 fantasy drafts between Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. Jackson is likely the safest option considering his rushing floor. We’ve seen QBs run in the past, but never has an NFL team designed as many QB runs as the Ravens have with Jackson. Having said that, that offense will regress, Jackson will regress and thus the points will come down. By how much is the question.

For right now I’m slightly leaning towards taking Mahomes over Jackson (FYI, I don’t not recommend drafting either in 2020) because we have now seen him be elite two seasons in a row. His points per game were the 2nd best in the NFL if you remove the Denver game when he got injured during the 1st quarter. Prior to that injury, he was on pace to pass for over 6,000 passing yards. His weapons are superior to that of Jackson as well.

If Jameis Winston stays in Tampa, which I think he will, I see him putting up some ridiculous numbers. Yes, he will continue to be a bad real life QB, but that yards and touchdowns will be there.

Matt Stafford just missed my list, but I could see him finishing Top 10. He was having a Top 5 fantasy season prior to his injury. His average depth of target jumped from 7.1 in 2018 to 11.4. There is always the risk of Detroit going back to a run heavy approach like they did in 2018, but if things go like they did last year, Stafford could be a huge value. He’s a QB that will likely be on a lot of my fantasy teams next year.

What do you all think? Who shouldn’t be on this list and who should? Where would you rank guys?

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