2020 Early Tight End Rankings

This week I’m looking back at what happened at each fantasy position in 2019 and giving my first round of predictions for where they will finish in 2020. This one is Tight Ends.

The BIG debate this offseason at Tight End will be Kelce vs Kittle. And it’s a good debate. I think a lot of people will push Kittle past Kelce in their rankings. I’m not there yet. Kelce finished as the TE1 for the 4th straight season. He’s as consistent as they come. Only once all season did he fail to score 10 points or more in PPR and it was still 9.8. The reason he didn’t have a better season was his touchdowns. He only scored 6 touchdowns. 5 were receiving, 1 he rushed in...I’ll go ahead and give him credit for that one. Even counting that rushing touchdown, he ranked 30th in touchdown % out of 39 TE’s with at least 25 receptions. What’s funny is right behind him at 31 is George Kittle. For me, the tie breaker is Patrick Mahomes. I trust him more than any QB in the league. We saw what Kelce is capable of this past week against Houston. He scored 3 touchdowns in 3.5 minutes on Sunday. He finished the game with 41 fantasy points. More games like that are likely to come in 2020. I also think the physical style with which Kittle plays will likely result in some missed time like it did this season.

What do you all think? Are there any other TE’s you move up to this list or would you drop any of the TE’s I have out of this top 10?

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