Antonio Brown: Dynasty Outlook

Antonio Brown......OH BOY! If you used a 2nd round pick on him this year, which I did in one league, you were probably pretty salty. I know I was. I drafted him just before he froze his feet. From that point on, it was all downhill. I had about 1 week of feeling good about him when he signed with New England, but that was short lived. I basically took my 2nd round pick and lit it on fire. That’s why he gets the #2 BUST spot. He was a complete waste of a pick. The only good thing about him is at least he didn’t give you two zero’s like David Johnson did with his strange situation. He just stayed on your bench until finally being cut. .
What about his dynasty outlook though?

Well, the good news is he’s cheap. You can probably get him for a late 2nd or early third round dynasty pick, and at that price I believe he is worth taking a flyer on. I do worry whether he will ever be able to get back on the field, but I’m not worried about what he can do if he does get another chance.

I posted this last offseason, but I think he is a modern day Jerry Rice when just talking about his on-field ability and work ethic. He had more ppr fantasy points going into his age 31 season than Jerry Rice had. Rice went on to have seven WR1 seasons from age 31 on. Rice was actually the number 1 fantasy WR four years in a row from age 31-34 and he was the WR12 and WR13 at ages 39 and 40. I think Brown is capable of similar production if he plays again. .
In dynasty, I’ve made a living off of veteran players. Owners get nervous when a player gets close to 30 and most want nothing to do with them after the age of 30. Before the 2018 season, I traded a 2nd round pick for a 32 year old Julian Edelman in my dynasty league, and he rewarded me with back to back WR1 seasons and helped contribute to back to back championships in that league. Some players are worth grabbing over the age of 30 and I think Brown (will be 32 next season) is absolutely one of those players. The risk is he never plays again, but I think his upside outweighs that if given another shot.

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