Backs with A LOT of Mileage

The shelf life of a running back in the NFL is shorter than any other position. Aside from the quarterback taking the snap, running backs touch the football more than any position. When they are not taking handoffs they are either catching passes or blocking incoming blitzers. All of this leads to more hits and more times being tackled, which speeds up their expiration date. According to @sbnation the average career for a running back is roughly 2.4 years. When putting together your dynasty teams, this is something you want to monitor closely. You don’t want to trade them away too early but you also don’t want to see the bottom fall out either. This is something we have seen happen to David Johnson, Todd Gurley and Le’Veon Bell in recent years.

One player on this list I’m a little concerned about is Ezekiel Elliott. He’s pretty young (turns 26 in June), but has more college + pro touches than David Johnson, Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon, who all came into the league one year ahead of Zeke. We also haven’t seen a Top 12 season from any of the above-mentioned backs in two years. Zeke has a full season’s worth of touches more than fellow 2016 rookie Derrick Henry. I think 2020 was the start of the cliff for Zeke, and he’s a player I’d be looking to move on from in dynasty based on his price.

Most Career Touches by RB’s Currently Playing
(College + Pros)

Player Touches
Frank Gore 4,756
Adrian Peterson 4,387
Lesean McCoy 3,696
Le'Veon Bell 2,793
Mark Ingram 2,568
Ezekiel Elliott 2,379
Todd Gurley 2,330
David Johnson 2,221
Melvin Gordon 2,211
Derrick Henry 2,027
Latavius Murray 1,933
Carlos Hyde 1,892
Giovani Bernard 1,816


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