BUST of the Year: JuJu Smith-Schuster

My Biggest Bust of the 2019 season is most definitely JuJu. He ranked as the WR65 overall and WR62 in points per game (9.4). He didn’t have a single week-winning performance. He only recorded one WR1 performance all season. He scored less than 5 points 5 times. At least with Antonio Brown and David Johnson you knew early on you were benching them. JuJu just kept starting and killing his fantasy teams week in and week out. Like most analysts, I was WAY too high on JuJu going into the season. When Antonio Brown was traded to Oakland, I envisioned JuJu soaking up so many of his vacated 168 targets. His target floor alone felt top 5. But it didn’t happen, not even close. Big Ben getting hurt didn’t give us a perfect picture of what the season MIGHT have been had he stayed healthy. JuJu was also banged up for much of the season. But even so, I have to question how good of a WR JuJu really is. I do think he’s good, he may even be great, but I can’t call him ELITE. Not even close. We have seen players like Michael Thomas, OBJ, Davante Adams, DeAndre Hopkins, Allen Robinson and Stefon Diggs all do great things with poor QB’s under center. We have also seen those players do it without the benefit of another WR taking the attention away from the defense. During his first two seasons, JuJu had the benefit of playing nearly 2/3 of his snaps in the slot. Lining up against the number 2 and 3 corners, as well as safeties and linebackers. Rarely did he have to face elite corners until this season....and he fell flat on his face. Pro Football Focus ranked him as their 86th WR. I’m curious to see where his ADP will be as draft season rolls around next year. What do you guys think? Was it just a bad season, or is JuJu not the player we thought he was?

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