DO NOT DRAFT The Patriots Defense in 2020

When you’re having your 2020 fantasy football drafts, DO NOT DRAFT the Patriots Defense. It was the 4th most points by a fantasy defense over the past 20 seasons. However, did you know that there has never been a fantasy defense repeat as the number 1 overall defense two years in a row over the past 20 seasons. In fact, it’s much worse than that. Over the past 10 seasons the number 1 defense averages 62 less points the next season. The average ranking goes from 1 to 12. The number 1 defense from the prior season tends to get drafted between the 7th and 9th rounds in most leagues. That team last season was the Chicago Bears defense. People who drafted them bypassed players like Russell Wilson, Emmanuel Sanders, Devin Singletary, Jameis Winston, Kyler Murray, Austin Hooper and Lamar Jackson just to name a few. In 2020, I’m advising all of you who follow my fantasy advise to bypass drafting the position all together and instead follow my defensive streaming advise throughout the year. Come on....what do you say?

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