Don't Sleep On Davante Adams In 2020

I'm writing about Davante Adams because I have read a lot of comments on my posts saying things like "Adams was a bust this year." "He was terrible." "He didn't even get 1,000 receiving yards." Yada yada yada. Man I miss Seinfeld. 😔I'm here to say, nothing could be further from the truth.

Davante Adams was AWESOME this year. HE WAS HURT PEOPLE! He's wasn't terrible, and he wasn't a fantasy bust. There is a difference. Yes, he did miss 4 games this season, but if you drafted well, that would not have been a death sentence to your fantasy team. He finished as an overall WR2 despite that month missed. On a points per game basis, he was the WR6. He had the 5th most receiving yards per game. He was one of only three wide receivers to finish the year with a +30% target share. The only two wide receivers to have a higher share were DeAndre Hopkins and Michael Thomas. Only Michael Thomas averaged more targets per game than Adams. Again, only Michael Thomas and DeAndre Hopkins averaged more receptions per game. This is elite production. I currently have him ranked as my WR2 for redraft leagues going into next season, and it's hard for me to picture that ranking changing. If you're in a dynasty league, it's worth kicking the tires on the Adams fantasy owner to see if you can pry him away. He's 27, and I have found that in dynasty leagues, owners can start to get a bit weary of players once they get to the 27-28 age range. Especially if their team is not as competitive. Combine that with the fact that there is an inaccurate stigma that Adams was bad this year, and you may be able to get him at a discount, or possibly even a steal. There are a lot of really good wideouts in the NFL today, but there are only a few truly elite ones. Adams fits that bill.

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