Dynasty Hack: Quarterbacks

I’m trying out a very specific strategy series on here called “DYNASTY HACKS”. It’s a series of strategies I’ve made in dynasty leagues over the years that work and I’d like to share.

This first one is a specific strategy involving older quarterbacks. This is a strategy I've used over the past three years and it's paid off big time. I don't have any quarterbacks on any of my dynasty teams under the age of 30. I trade for older QBs because they're super cheap. Below is a specific example from the 2018 fantasy season:

In 2018 I had Ben Roethlisberger and Drew Brees as my quarterbacks. You always hear about the big discrepancies in their home/road splits, and it’s true. This is why they are frustrating to own when they are your every week starting QB, like they are in most redraft leagues. But in dynasty, rosters are very deep, so this isn’t too hard to pull off. You can very likely get each for the price of a 2nd or 3rd round pick. It all depends on the owners in your league. If you already have one of them, this is that much easier. Once on your roster, the formula for who to start is simple:

1. ALWAYS start the QB who is at home.
2. IF both play at home, pick the QB in the game with the highest Vegas point total.
3. IF both are playing on the road, pick the QB in the game with the highest Vegas point total.

There is no need to look at weekly rankings, just follow the above formula. These are the results over the past 4 seasons measuring on a points per game basis.

2018 = QB2
2017 = QB11
2016 = QB1
2015 = QB2

Updates: Quarterbacks you can target for 2020 are Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford and Tom Brady to go along with Brees and Big Ben. If you can have 3 of these quarterbacks, that's ideal. Three ensures you have almost every week a home starter.

If you are interested in playing year round fantasy football, consider joining a dynasty league. Click here to learn more about what a dynasty league is and how it differs from your traditional fantasy football league.

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