Dynasty Stud: Jonathan Taylor

I've had a few people ask me to give my dynasty grade for Jonathan Taylor. I wanted to wait on doing one for him until I knew who was going to be under center. If they went this offseason without adding a big-name quarterback, I would not be nearly as optimistic about Taylor. Well, yesterday, we got our answer.

On the surface, it looks like an upgrade for the Colts, and I think it is. Wentz can do so much more with his legs than Rivers ever could. This will help to open up bigger plays and extend drives, which will lead to more scoring. Wentz is also much younger than Rivers, so this also adds security to the position, which in the long run is great for Taylor. The only ding I give Taylor and the rest of the Colts running backs is their usage in the receiving game. Rivers was a check down king. Taylor will likely see a dip in receiving without those easy dump offs.

Jonathan Taylor - Indianapolis Colts Running Back













I think you really can make an argument for Taylor being the 1.01 in dynasty startups. I still think Christian McCaffrey is the pick, but Taylor isn't far behind. The real debate for me is the 1.02. Barkley or Taylor? I currently have Barkley slotted ahead of him, but I may change that. The two running backs are elite physical specimens. Taylor the better runner, and Barkley the better receiver. Age and usage is about the same, but Barkley now has a more concerning injury history. Taylor also has the better situation with a better offensive line and now Quarterback. It's Barkley's vastly superior receiving ability that pushes him ahead, at least in PPR.

All in all, Taylor is an elite dynasty asset, and those of you who ignored the CEH hype last offseason and drafted Taylor 1.01 in your rookie drafts, well done. You're going to be happy with that selection for some time.

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