Fantasy Football Value Changes

 I was surprised to not see Tom Brady resign with New England. His value definitely gets a bump for me and I think he will be a Top 12 QB in 2020. Tampa threw a ton last season, but it wasn’t that much more than the Patriots. Jameis Winston only attempted 13 more passes than Tom. The weapons however are a HUGE upgrade. Brady hasn’t had an outside wide receiver threat like Mike Evans since Randy Moss. I think it’s a slight downgrade for Evans though. Brady has made a living peppering the slot wide receiver, tight end and running backs, but not so much for outside threats. As for Godwin, he was so good last year that I think this is a lateral move. The biggest benefit in that receiving game should be O.J. Howard. Of course he’s not Rob Gronkowski, but Tom should be able to utilize him MUCH MORE than Winston was able to. I see him finishing as a TE1 this year.

Jimmy Graham: I don’t think we see Jimmy Graham return to his days as a tight end one. His situation was so bad in Green Bay however, that it couldn’t get much worse, so I see this as sideways move.

Austin Hooper: Atlanta threw the football 145 more times than the Cleveland Browns. They also did not have a stud slot wide receiver like Jarvis Landry. I think Hooper takes a big hit for fantasy going to Cleveland, especially if the team doesn’t trade Njoku. I see him as barely clinging on to back end tight end one status.

Philip Rivers: I don’t see much of a difference with Rivers in Indy vs Los Angeles. I could actually see it as a slight downgrade fantasy-wise.

Jordan Howard: Assuming the Dolphins don’t draft a running back, which they very will might, I think this is a good landing spot for Howard. There are not any running backs of consequence to compete with, so he should get a ton of volume, and the offense actually started to look pretty decent towards the end of last season.

Randall Cobb: I think the Texans are a decent landing spot for Cobb. He should be the go to guy for Watson in the middle of the field, something Keke Coutee just couldn’t stay on the field for.

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