Fantasy Minute: Don't Sleep on Allen Robinson (Shortened Article)



You're Losing If You're Snoozing on Allen Robinson!

What Robinson's Been Up To Lately

  • He has finished top 12 twice in back-to-back seasons before his dirty diaper 2021 season.

  • But now this dude just signed with a team who was top 5 in passing yards and TDs! The man is going from Matt Nagy and Andy Dalton to Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford. 

  • Somehow, he's still barely being drafted as a WR2…there’s a good chance he’ll go even later in your home leagues.


Allen Robinson is Good at Football

  • A-Rob has commanded 150+ targets 4 different times in his career and people are snatching him up like the last slice of 4-week-old pizza in your fridge
  • Just a reminder that he produced three WR1 finishes while catching passes from Blake “freaking” Bortles, Mitch “I should hold a clipboard” Trubisky, and Nick “one-hit wonder” Foles
  • People are saying that Robinson is washed after 2021 even though he commanded a higher target share than Courtland Sutton, Amari Cooper, and Mike Evans last year


Mitch Trubisky keeps Bears' hopes alive with another memorable performance  - The Athletic

Viewer Discretion is Advised! Actual clip of what Allen Robinson sees in his nightmares

If You Don’t Beleive Me, Believe Sean McVay

  • Allen Robinson just signed a 3 year $46 million contract with the LA Rams and the majority of that money is guaranteed
  • This large contract means that Sean McVay and the Super Bowl-winning LA Rams think Robinson is still good at football and that they plan on using him!


I don’t wanna hear, “But there is no way he’ll get enough targets!” 

  • Don’t be worried about target competition because Kupp is due for some regression! He had the 9th most targets in a season…ever!
  • Oh ya, and the team has 166 targets vacated largely because Robert Woods and OBJ are out of town.
    • Can I quickly remind you that Woods and OBJ were both fantasy trash cans before they were saved by Sean McVay?

Robert Woods fantasy career before and after Sean McVay


OBJ's 2021 season before and after Sean McVay (OBJ first start in LA was week 12)

Sean McVay Could Make My Dog a WR2 in Fantasy

  • Under Sean McVay, the LA Rams offense has produced two top 18 WRs in 4 out of 5 seasons
  • Remember that Jared “my team gave up two first-round picks to get rid of me” Goff was the QB in almost all of those seasons



  • To simplify fantasy football: You want players who are 1) talented 2) in a good offense 3) have an opportunity to play a lot.
  • Allen Robinson checks all of the boxes but some people would rather listen to Baby Shark on repeat than hear that A-Rob is a great option this year
  • He’s going as the 23rd WR off the board. He’s going to have every opportunity to return value.
  • Take him as a safe option instead of drafting massive bust candidates who play in terrible offenses!


Andrew Teuscher is a certified fantasy try hard and contributor to Fantasy Guides


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