Fantasy Tip. Get Better! Read The Captions.

If you follow my account or the plethora of other great fantasy accounts here on Instagram, then you obviously love fantasy football. And if you love fantasy football, then you love winning at fantasy football. It’s the best part of this fun game. Well, in order to win more, we have to learn how to get better. In order to learn....well, we have to read. “Your post is too long.” Really? Are our attention spans so short that one paragraph is just too much? Maybe I’m too old. Trust me, I’d rather just look at a pretty picture and have all the information downloaded instantly. Like that scene in the Matrix when Trinity needs to quickly learn how to fly a helicopter so she.....ohhhh nevermind. Most of you are not old enough to have seen that movie.

Anyway, the point is, try reading the information we all put out here. Don’t just skim the images and start commenting. I’d be a rich man if I had a nickel every time someone added a comment on a post I made where it’s obvious they just looked at the headline and didn’t read the caption. Headline: “DON’T DRAFT LAMAR JACKSON IN 2020”...Do you really think I mean don’t draft him at all? In my post it says “don’t draft him in the first two rounds”. Obviously if he falls, then take him. “But he has such a high floor with his rushing ability.” Yep, brought all that up in my post. “Kittle is a much better blocker than Kelce.” Thanks for that tidbit, but my post was about fantasy scoring, not their real-life abilities. While we are on that, no, I do not think Jameis Winston is a better QB than Russell Wilson...for those of you who got upset when I had him ranked higher in fantasy. “How is DJ not a bigger bust than JuJu?” Umm, I literally just wrote an entire post saying why JuJu. .

Ok, I’m kind of just having fun with this post, but it would be nice to have more fruitful conversations. I absolutely don’t mind criticism of my posts and opinions, I don’t. That’s all Fantasy Football is really. It’s just opinions. But if you’re going to criticize anything I say, please at least read my reasoning on it first. Or at the very least know what the post is about. Thanks for listening to my rant....assuming you got this far. 🤣

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