Fantasy Tip: Separate Fandom & Fantasy

Whenever I put out rankings I get a decent amount of comments from people posting things like “You sleeping on Mostert.” or “The disrespect to Aaron Jones” or “No Jacob’s huh???” I love it. You guys point out things to me all the time that I hadn’t looked at, and it’s great. I want to learn as much as possible, so keep it coming. The comments that crack me up are the ones about a particular player who just happens to play for that person’s favorite team. No offense to those of you that hit me up, but I’m less likely to take the advise from someone telling me Miles Sanders should be there while their profile pic has them in a Carson Wentz jersey. There is a bias there that is hard to ignore. I’ll use Josh Jacobs in this example. I created a poll to see who wasn’t on my Top 10 running backs list who should be and the player with the most responses was easily Jacobs. I had people telling me he will be Top 5 next year. Here’s the thing. I’m not saying he CAN’T be top 5. The guy is talented. But, there are a lot of good running backs in the league right now. Cracking the Top 10 ain’t easy. Also, Raiders fans...did you know that Jon Gruden has only produced two Top 10 fantasy backs in his entire career. He has been a head coach for 13 seasons. 5 seasons with Oakland, and 9 with Tampa. During that time frame only Charlie Garner (RB10) in 2001 and Earnest Graham (RB9) in 2007 finished inside the Top 10 in overall PPR points. The average finish for a Jon Gruden RB is the RB20. Which coincidentally is where Jacobs finished this season. So, you just telling me he’s going to be awesome, because he’s awesome isn’t likely to make me change my stance. Give me some better reasons to move him up my list. Until then I’m keeping him outside of the top 10.

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