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The former league MVP finds himself in the perfect landing spot to succeed. New England has proven time and time again that they can run any scheme. They are a chameleon coaching staff. They play to the strengths of the players rather than having the players fit their scheme. If you go back more than 10 years ago to the first time we saw Tom Brady miss an entire season, backup Matt Cassel stepped in and finished the year as the QB7. This was a player who in college was a backup to Matt Leinart at USC and attempted a grand total of 20 college pass attempts. In the NFL he only attempted 39 passes before taking over for Brady. He turned in a top 7 QB performance with a grand total of 59 total pass attempts in college and the pros. Just try to wrap your head around that.

If he starts the season as the Patriots QB, he will be a top 10 QB with top 5 upside. — Fantasy Guides

More recently when Brady was suspended for deflategate, we saw the Patriots have success with Jimmy Garappolo and Jacoby Brissett. When Garappolo started the season during Brady's deflategate suspension, they used him similarly to how the team has always used Brady and he was very successful. However, when Jimmy G got hurt in week 2 of that season and they were forced to play rookie Brissett, they used him differently. They played to his strengths. They used a lot of misdirection and read/option plays, and allowed Brissett to make plays with his legs, and he too found success.

Cam Newton

The way they used Brissett is how I envision them using Cam. It's likely the Patriots try and implement Cam in a similar fashion to the way the Ravens are using Lamar Jackson. Cam isn't nor has he ever been an accurate passer and the Patriots know this. Belichick has never had a mobile weapon at the position and you have to think he's excited to use him in that way. The main concern is Cam's throwing shoulder which has now required two surgeries. However, if that's healed, and Cam is 100%, watch out. Only twice in his 9-year career has Cam failed to finish worse than 8th at the position in points per game. And that's with a much inferior offensive coaching staff. Given the historic success of the QB position in New England with their current head coach, especially the season we saw from Matt Cassel, it's easy to see big things from Cam in 2020. If he starts the season as the Patriots QB, he will be a top 10 QB with top 5 upside. 

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