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Looking for 2020’s best DST Sleeper? Look no further than Tampa. I was surprised when I was doing research to see that Tampa finished 9th in total DST scoring. After digging a little more I am confident they can be even better in 2020.

Bucs Defense

The Bucs have perhaps the most stout defensive line in the NFL. Lead by Defensive Tackles Vita Vea and Ndamukong Suh in the middle and Jason Pierre-Paul and Shaq Barrett on the outside, this unit devoured the run game of opposing offenses all season. Their 73.8 rushing yards per game was by far the best in the NFL and the least amount given up since 2014. When you force teams to pass, you increase the chances of sacks and turnovers, which drives DST scoring.

They also put more quarterbacks on the turf than any other defense last year. 117 times, qbs that faces Tampa were pulling sod out of their facemask, yet the Bucs only ranked 7th in total sacks. If they can keep the hits coming they should be able to improve on their sack rate.

The problem with their defense last year had a lot to do with Jameis Winston's NFL record setting 30 interceptions. Because of that the Bucs defense had the worst average field position in the NFL. Opposing offenses didn’t have to move the ball much to be in scoring position. Insert Tom Brady who helped the Patriots have the best average field position in the NFL. More yards to travel equals less points scored and more chances to get sacked or turn the ball over.

Lastly, the Bucs had very little turnover on the defense, which is always good and they added rookie Antoine Winfield Jr. in the 2nd round. Add up all these factors, and it’s easy to see a path for the Bucs being the surprise "sleeper" top 5 defense for 2020.  

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