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I had this article queued up for later this week, but then Budweiser announced Free Bud Light to anyone who drafts Gardner Minshew in the 1st round, so I decided to be topical and push it to today. While I don’t advocate drafting Minshew that early, I do think he is going to be a great value if you wait on QB like me.

I see him as a poor man’s Kyler Murray. No, he’s not on the same level as Murray. Not in talent or surrounding talent, and watching him play is not going to be pretty. However, if you pair him with another late round QB like Jimmy Garoppolo, Jared Goff, Joe Burrow or Kirk Cousins, I think you’re going to be happy with the results.

Gardner Minshew

Last season, as a rookie, in 14 games he managed 21 TD passes to only 7 INTS, good for a 91.19 QB rating. All better stats than fellow rookie and 1st overall pick Murray, who managed a stat line of 20/12/87.43. Minshew has sneaky good rushing upside. His 344 rushing yards ranked 5th at the position. Had he played in all 16 games, he would have projected to have just under 400 rushing yards. I would imagine that’s about what he will do this season. Over the past 10 years, here are the list of QBs who have rushed for between 300 and 400 yards in 16 games and their overall finish.

R. Wilson = QB3

R. Wilson = QB9
D. Prescott = QB10

B. Bortles = QB13
A. Smith = QB4
D. Prescott  = QB11

A. Rodgers = QB1
B. Bortles = QB9

A. Rodgers =QB7
B. Bortles = QB4

R. Tannehill = QB8

G. Smith = QB20
A. Luck = QB4

A. Rodgers = QB2
J. Freeman = QB7

Now, some of these names are elite QBs like Russell Wilson, Dak Prescott and Aaron Rodgers. You can’t expect those kind of finishes for Minshew, but if you put him in the same category of QB as Blake Bortles, Alex Smith, Ryan Tannehill, Geno Smith and Josh Freeman, it’s very encouraging.

Again, he won’t score as much as Kyler, but I recommend bypassing Murray in the 5th-6th round and instead drafting a Cam Akers, Marquise Brown, DeVante Parker or J.K. Dobbins to pair with Minshew who you can take in the 13th round.  

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