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Daniel Jones; Daniel Jones has had a very up-and-down fantasy career while being a below average quarterback the entire time. Jones showed flashes of potential throughout his rookie season and many believed it was a precursor for what wss to come. He finished the year with 26 touchdowns to only 12 interceptions and showed rushing upside as well. Sadly, he did not continue this from his rookie campaign and has since slowed down and stagnated over the 2020 and 2021 seasons. While Jones has not played well so far, it’s tough to put much of the blame on him. The Giants have been one of the worst-coached teams, and have given Jones a bad o-line and subpar weapons throughout his first 3 seasons. With the 2022 season looming, Danny Dimes might have the best squad he’s had (even though that is not saying much), An improved O-line, revamped coaching staff and healthy weapons will leave Jones in a make-it or break-it year. If everything falls in to place, Jones can have himself a nice fantasy season and will almost certainly beat out his low-ADP due to players fatigue.

Saquon Barkley: Here we go again! Saquon has been the darling of the fantasy community ever since he was drafted in the 2018 NFL Draft. It did not take long for Barkley to show where the excitement came from as he finished as the Fantasy Football RB1 overall his rookie year. Seems like a trend with Giants players doesn’t it? They play well their rookie year and fall off the years proceeding that. This cannot be a coincidence, however as the coaching staff and situation around these players have not done them any favors. With a new coaching staff + offensive line to toy with, Saquon Barkley has the biggest opportunity to return to glory at his lowest cost. The biggest case towards Barkleys potential resurgence is his usage in the receiving game. Saquon had the 8th highest target share out of any running back in the league. With more scoring opportunity available and a better team overall, the talent that we once saw can shrine bright again.

Kenny Golladay: Kenny Golladay is a big-body, jump ball receiver who has shown the ability to be an alpha WR1 and had a top-12 finish in 2019. Since then, he has been battered by a mix of injuries and just flat-out underperforming. Many hoped for a fresh-start in his first year with the Giants in 2021. However, he ended up being a massive disappointment and accumulated a grand total of Zero touchdowns over the course of the entire year. What does this mean for 2022 season? In short, not much. While he has shown potential in years prior he was never a PPR guy and relied on big plays and a higher touchdown mark to grant him fantasy relevance. These two stats go hand-in-hand with having a good team around him and I don’t believe the Giants are that team just yet. In addition, There’s a worry that he has already hit his prime and might not be the player he once was. While the upside is present, and probably worth his spot at his current ADP, the likelihood he hits WR1 or even WR2 numbers are slim.

Kadarius Toney: Toney was a very polarizing prospect coming out of the University of Florida. Many of the “Film guys” loved him for his flexibility and straight-up burst, many people and scouts thought he was a cant-miss prospect. On the other side of the spectrum, the “analytics” guys hated him. His reception perception and many other advanced analaytic stats did not paint Toney as a good player and thought of him as a bust right out of college. Fast forward a year, and we still cannot say for sure just how good Toney is as he was riddled with injuries for his rookie campaign. Toney has shown that he can play at the next level with a 66.7% juke rate (best in the league!) Toney is incredibly tough to take down when the ball is in his hands and was a target monster in the games he played. (Check out Week 5 against Dallas, as he was targeted 13 times for 10 receptions and 189 yards). Kadarius Toney is my favorite option from the bunch as he has shown the ability to perform at a high level and has a low ADP to match up with it.

Sterling Shepard: Shepard could be seen as the safest option on the Giants as he has clear-cut chemistry with Daniel Jones and has put up very respectable fantasy numbers when he is healthy. The health part is the biggest issue though, as Shepard is coming off an Achilles injury that could affect him more than we might want. Shepard excelled against man coverage last season actually finishing number one in the league at Win Rate vs Man. Sadly, coming off this injury the explosiveness is not guaranteed to be there and he could lose the biggest + to his game. Along with the addition of Toney last year and Robinson in the draft, I worry about Shepards stand alone value for 2022.

Wan’Dale Robinson: Robinson could potentially end up being the most overlooked rookie this year. Robinson has very solid draft capital as a top-50 pick, and a very similar story to Toney as the film guy darling. In dynasty leagues I love him as a buy since he was sliding to the third round in many drafts and while I prefer Toney over Robinson, he has the potential to break-out as a rookie with the weak receiving core around him.

Ricky Seals-Jones:  I am not excited about Ricky Seals-Jones form a fantasy point of view this year. Daniel Jones was unable to make Evan Engram a top-level threat no matter how hard the fantasy community wanted it to happen. I don’t see a way where RSJ will be the guy that unlocks Jones’ potential in throwing to tight ends.

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