Predicting 2020 Free Agents

With free agency set to start March 18th, I will be doing a series of articles on my thoughts of this year's "fantasy-relevant" free agents and their potential landing spots. I teamed up with to compare where we thought each player will go. So, here goes: 

Tom Brady: I can’t picture Tom playing anywhere else to finish his career other than New England. There have been rumors of him playing for a number of teams including the Tennessee Titans, Oakland Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers. I don’t think it’s a great move for him or his legacy. It reminds of when Johnny Unitas joined the San Diego Chargers for his last season, or Joe Namath with the Rams. Having said that, the Patriots need to give him some help. They need to make a move like they attempted to do with Antonio Brown. If they can’t do that, I wouldn’t blame Brady for wanting to jettison.

Amari Cooper: It would be pretty bad if Jerry Jones gave up a 2019 1st round pick that ended up as Josh Jacobs to just rent Amari Cooper for a season and a half. Jerry is a great businessman and I feel pretty confidant they get a deal done with Amari.

Hunter Henry: Last season was the first year since 2009 that we saw Tom Brady play without his dominant tight end Rob Gronkowski. And his absence was noticeable. There have been rumors of Hunter Henry ending up in Foxborough and I could see it happening. It’s a move the Patriots need to make to give that offense some versatility.

Matt Breida: It shouldn’t be too difficult for San Francisco to hang onto Breida. He’s a restricted free agent and has been really good when healthy. Pretty much every back on the 49ers roster is injury prone and Breida is no different. The only difference is he should be a lot cheaper for them to retain. If they are to move on from anyone, I think they would be smart to cut Jerick McKinnon.

Phillip Dorsett: Dorsett actually looked decent during his two years in New England. Unfortunately, I don’t think Tom has the arm anymore to fully utilize his deep-play ability. We actually started seeing that decline with Brandin Cooks on the roster two years ago. The Pats will let him hit free agency, and I think he would be a great fit in Kansas City. The Chiefs have to start getting the Brinks truck ready for signing Mahomes and that means cutting overpaid Sammy Watkins and bringing in a cheap option like Dorsett who can also take advantage of Mahomes arm strength.

Breshad Perriman: FINALLY!!! It took 4.5 years, but Breshad finally became fantasy relevant in 2019. Over the last 3 games of the season he averaged 25 ppr points per game and finished as the overall WR2 during that span. He helped a lot of people win championships. I would actually love to see him stay in Tampa. Having him and Evans on the outside with Godwin operating the middle of the field would be very exciting. I don’t see it happening however. Perriman is likely to get overpaid by a team like the Eagles who are desperate for a field stretcher.

Demaryius Thomas: Pete Carrol has never been shy about bringing in large physical wide receivers. We have seen him do it with Josh Gordon, Sidney Rice, Mike Williams and even Terrell Owens. He likes to wait and get these guys years after their prime. I could see this being the case with D.T. next month.

Teddy Bridgewater: I thought the best situation for Teddy was to stay in New Orleans and take over for Brees. The only problem is, like Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo, Brees doesn’t want to hang up the cleats just yet. Also, Taysom Hill appears to be the future down there. Teddy looked OK for the most part in New Orleans, but he didn’t look great. Granted, it was his first meaningful snaps since 2015. I could see a team like Carolina looking to bring in some new blood, but I don’t see Teddy being a long term solution for any team. I see him as more of a gap quarterback.

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