Predicting 2020 Free Agents

We are 18 days away from the start of NFL free agency. and I are doing a series of posts where we try and predict the landing spots of some of the most notable “Fantasy-Relevant” free agents. We each have separate write ups for it, so go check out his page to see what he had to say about each player. Thanks to @catchtheblitz and @jpafootball for the inspiration.

Kenyan Drake: Kenyan Drake recently said he's looking to get paid in the 8-10 million per year range. Unfortunately the NFL is learning it's not smart to pay running backs, and that's a pretty steep price to pay. The Arizona Cardinals have enough cap space where they could sign both Drake and David Johnson. DJ is guaranteed too much money to cut, but they can get out from under him easier next year. I'm leaning towards them finding a way to sign Drake, and then cut DJ next year, or possibly figure out a way to trade him, possibly to Tampa Bay.

Taysom Hill: All reports say that the Saints see Hill as a franchise quarterback and are hoping to have a transition year this year between him and Brees. I do not share this opinion. I think he could be great for fantasy purposes, and while I do not see him as a long-term option for the Saints, I do think he stays.

Kareem Hunt: Hunt is a restricted free agent, and the Browns have said they plant to tender him. This means that since he was a 3rd round pick, they can place a 1st, 2nd or 3rd round tender on him. If any of you saw the NFL combine yesterday, you saw a lot of good running backs. I don't see any teams making this trade when they can get just as good a running back in the 3rd round and not have to worry about paying Hunt that 2nd contract next year.

Jameis Winston: The Bucs are in a tricky spot with Winston. He's so bad and yet sometimes so good. They recently said they plan to let him explore free agency and see what the market is willing to pay him. I'm not sure any teams are going to pony up big money for him, but it's hard to say. For now, I think he stays in Tampa on some sort of franchise tag or short-term prove it deal.

Nelson Agholar: The two teams I see Agholar playing for are the Chiefs or the Colts. They both run very similar offensive schemes as Philly. Agholar had his best season under Frank Reich, so he would make some sense there, but they have a similar type player in Parris Campbell. The Chiefs are likely to let Demarcus Robinson hit free agency and you have to think they cut Sammy Watkins for cap purposes. Agholar would make a nice "cheaper" option. 

Demarcus Robinson: The Eagles need a ton of help at wide receiver and I could see them signing a few of them this offseason. Similar to what I said about Agholar, Robinson makes sense in Philly due to them running very similar play-calling systems. 

Jacob Hollister: It's funny, in one of my deep dynasty leagues I held onto Jacob Hollister for over a year as a handcuff to Gronk. It never really worked out and I eventually cut him, only to see him go off for the Seattle Seahawks during the 2nd half of last season. There are rumors that he could end up back in New England, and I could see that, but I also think he would make a good fit in Atlanta as a cheap Austin Hooper replacement.

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