Predicting More 2020 Free Agents

We are 11 days away from the start of NFL free agency. and I are doing a series of posts where we try and predict the landing spots of some of the most notable “Fantasy-Relevant” free agents. We each have separate write ups for it, so go check out his page to see what he had to say about each player. I wrote an article about it that’s too long for IG, so if you want to see the full article, click the link in my bio. 

I have to start by saying, this is one of the most exciting Free Agency periods I can remember. There are so many big names available and it's going to be strange/exciting to see them in different uniforms. 

Dak Prescott: He's not getting out of Dallas. Jerry Jones will get him signed. He will be a career-long Cowboy.

Melvin Gordon: He's going to have to just realize he won't get paid what he wants. See Le'Veon Bell. I think he fits a much needed hole in the Texans backfield. Having he and Duke Johnson as a 1-2 punch would be great for that already high-powered offense. I'm really hoping he lands there.

Emmanuel Sanders: I only see him landing on a contending team. I like him in New England, Green Bay and New Orleans. He would be a perfect complimentary fit to Michael Thomas in the Big Easy and could help push New Orleans over that hump on what might be Brees's last season.

Austin Hooper: New England did Tom Brady no favors last year as far as offensive talent goes. They tried with Antonio Brown, but it backfired. Tom did not look washed last season, but his surrounding cast did. If they want to try one last run with Tom as their signal caller, they need to get him some help. They won't want to pay too much for Hooper (they never do), but in a last ditch window-closing Super Bowl effort, I think it's a smart move.

Carlos Hyde: I think he fits a perfectly in Buffalo. They want to punish teams with a suffocating defense and a powerful run game. Devin Singletary is a nice back, but at 5'7", 200 pounds he will never be a full-time back. Pair him with a physical Hyde and you have a nice tandem.

Ryan Tannehill: I do think there is a small chance the Titans make a play at Brady, but if that doesn't happen, I think it's a smart move by both them and Ryan to stay in Nashville. He had the best season of his career there and they both should be looking to build off of that.

Tyler Eifert: If New England is unable to land Hooper, I see them paying a discount to see if Eifert has anything left. I unfortunately think there isn't much left on those bruised and beaten legs, but he might be an improvement on what they currently have on the roster.

Taylor Gabriel: He's not Emmanuel Sanders, but he would be a decent replacement if Sanders leaves. 

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