Trey Lance: We all know rushing QBs are a fantasy football cheat code (Lamar, Kyler, Hurts, etc). I fully expect Lance to be the next one to emerge. He is in a great situation with great weapons (Deebo, Aiyuk, Kittle). While Lance wasn’t outstanding when he played last season (20.38 vs SEA, 14.58 @ ARI, and 19.06 vs HOU) it is important to remember he was a very raw quarterback prospect and was only a rookie. Presuming he starts every game, I find it hard to see Lance finishing as a low-QB1 at worst, but he has game-breaking potential and can be a top-3 option. He can break fantasy football, and should be a prime target for anyone that is a late-QB drafter. 

Jimmy Garoppolo: I fully expect Jimmy Garoppolo to not be on the 49ers roster come week one. I will not really be targeting him regardless of the team he is on. 

Elijah Mitchell: Nothing against Elijah Mitchell the player, but I am just not very high on him. He is in a situation that completely gives off feelings of caution. Every year, analysts discuss how the 49ers lead back will change year after year. Yet, every year, the consensus insists that this 49ers running back will be “different” and is way more talented than all the past few running backs. I would much rather avoid the trip and miss out on a guy that **might** be good. There is a pretty clear historical trend, and I would much rather follow that.  

Tyron Davis-Price: He is only worth a really deep flier in deep leagues (14+). Has some upside but only really if Elijah Mitchell gets hurt. 

Deebo Samuel: Deebo Samuel had a fantastic season last year, finishing as the WR3 in fantasy football last season in his only real great season throughout his career. A lot was made about his season and how he scored his fantasy points. In the middle of the season, Deebo Samuel began to play as a “wide back,” taking a lot of rushing attempts. Heading into 2022, there is talk that Deebo no longer wants this role, as no WR wants to play as a RB. This is causing a ton of concern within the fantasy football community, and there is a widespread belief that Deebo Samuel cannot repeat his prior success. 

However, the splits tell a different story. In weeks 1-9, Deebo only had six rushing attempts, yet still averaged 10 targets a game and 20.7 fantasy points (WR2 in that time span). He only had 5 touchdowns in these 8 games, so his pace is sustainable. From weeks 10-18, Deebo Samuel averaged 6.6 rushes per game and 5 targets a game. This is when Deebo had crazy efficiency. Despite that very limited workload in weeks 10-18, Deebo averaged 21.7 PPR PPG. This was due to his nine touchdowns in eight games.

So, if anything, I might be more excited about Deebo returning to his earlier role. With his later season role, he received less quality volume, but had crazy efficiency (which I wouldn’t expect to continue). However, I trust Deebo as a WR1 presuming he returns to his early season role. 

Brandon Aiyuk: As the third option in the 49ers passing game, I am not very interested in Aiyuk, despite the talent. Unless Deebo Samuel and George Kittle get injured, I do not really see Aiyuk being fantasy relevant. 

George Kittle: I don't really love George Kittle for fantasy football in 2022. He is one of the most talented tight ends in the league, but he is used much more as a blocker than other elite tight ends are. With the 49ers potentially moving to a more run-heavy approach with Trey Lance at the helm, I am not too high on Kittle. I would rather pick other players in the first four or five rounds. Kittle also has a little injury concern, missing a couple of games in most seasons.

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