Strength of Schedule: Quarterbacks

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Strength of Schedule (SOS) is a great tool to have in your arsenal of data going into your drafts. What you really want to focus on are the extremes. The best and worst schedules. That's where it matters most. Rankings in the middle don't matter as much. It's more something you want to use as a tie breaker when trying to decide between two players in your draft.

For example: let's say it's the 2nd round and you are on the clock. You want to draft either Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes, but you're having trouble deciding who. Well, Mahomes has the 3rd hardest schedule compared to the Jackson having the 13th easiest schedule. That's a case where the SOS tiebreaker can help. I don't put a ton of weight into it, but I do think it's great to utilize in those tie-breaker situations, which will come up often during your drafts. And if you're using our Draft Guide, you can quickly and easily toggle back and forth between players to see their SOS. Shown in the graphic are the 5 BEST and WORST schedules for QB's going into 2020. 

Strength of Schedule

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