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I wrote about Strength of Schedule (SOS) with QB's a few days ago as being a great tool to have in your arsenal of data going into your drafts. The extremes (Top 5-10 and bottom 5-10) are where you want to focus. Meaning the teams they face that gave up the most and least amount of fantasy points to the position in 2019. That's where it matters most. Rankings in the middle don't matter as much. It's something you want to use as a tie breaker when trying to decide between two players in your draft.

For example, if it's near the end of your draft and you're trying to decide between two late round tight ends and you see Ian Thomas sitting there next to Chris Herndon, you'd be better of taking Thomas. It's a coin toss between the two, but Thomas has the best schedule for Tight End, whereas Herndon has the 2nd worst.

Ian Thomas Strength of Schedule

Tight End Strength of Schedule


  1. Ian Thomas (CAR)
  2. Jared Cook (NO)
  3. Tyler Higbee (LAR)
  4. George Kittle (SF)
  5. Irv Smith / Kyle Rudolph (MN)


  1. Mike Gesicki (MIA)
  2. Chris Herndon (NYJ)
  3. Austin Hooper (CLV)
  4. Patriots Tight Ends
  5. C.J. Uzomah (CIN)

That's a case where the SOS tiebreaker can help. I don't put a ton of weight into it, but I do think it's great to utilize in those tie-breaker situations, which will come up often during your drafts. And if you're using our Draft Guide, you can quickly and easily toggle back and forth between players to see their SOS.



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