Sunday's Best: Week 14

Raise your hand if you saw Drew Brees scoring 6 touchdowns vs the number 2 defense in the league? Liar. That was insane. He’s my QB in one league and I had a bye this week, so I’m a bit upset by his timing, lol. Hopefully his didn’t use up all his fantasy point in that game. 2019’s James Conner, Austin Ekeler continues to be a league winner as he is the RB3 currently. Emmanuel Sanders scores two crazy touchdowns in the shootout down in New Orleans. If you had to stream Noah Fant, he probably helped you to a win. The Steelers D/ST continues their amazing season as they are now the third best fantasy defense. And you most definitely won your game this week if you started Miami’s kicker Jason Sanders. Just kidding, nobody played him. How did round one of the playoffs go for you? I’d love to know.

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