Team Preview: New York Jets

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Continuing our series on Team Previews of all 32 Teams, we move to the last-place team in the AFC East from 2020 the New York Jets.

New York scored the fewest points in 2020 while throwing for the 2nd fewest passing yards. They rushed for the 10th fewest rushing yards on their way to a 2-14 season. Vegas currently has their Win Total at 6.5 games.

Zach Wilson: The 2nd overall pick Wilson replaces former 2nd overall pick Sam Darnold from just three years ago. He was Pro Football Focus's 2nd ranked player coming into the draft. He has good arm talent and accuracy evident by his 73.4% completion percentage, which ranked 2nd to Mac Jones. Having said that, it's hard to see him doing much in year one. He can go undrafted in most 1QB leagues.

Tevin Coleman / Michael Carter / Lamical Perine: It's hard to get excited about any of the running backs in New York. This is a team that scored the fewest points in 2020 and was in the bottom 10 for rushing yards. Not only that, no back stands out as someone who will take over a significant amount of the team rushes. They are an avoid for me.

Corey Davis / Denzel Mims / Jamison Crowder / Elijah Moore: I like this WR group from an NFL standpoint and I like them for Zach Wilson, but I don't love it for fantasy. Out of the group I like Davis and Crowder the most as a WR3 or flex play on most rosters, but I don't see any from this group breaking the Top 36.

Chris Herndon: Herndon has a lot of competition in the short-mid area of the field. Crowder, Mims, and Moore will soak up a decent amount of those targets, as will running backs Tevin Coleman and rookie Michael Carter. He's a player who can be left in the free agency pool.

All in all, it's hard for me to get excited about this team from a fantasy perspective. The team has a lot of good players, but no great players. Vegas doesn't expect them to win many games, so it's likely they will not score very many points which is not great for fantasy. The only players I have some interest in drafting are Davis and Crowder, I'm good passing on the rest.

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