Top 10 Dynasty Quarterbacks

For those of you who play dynasty fantasy football, here are my current TOP 10 Quarterback rankings. Again, this is “dynasty”. That means you keep the players year after year. If you don’t play, you should, it’s the most fun format. In dynasty AGE MATTERS! So, please don’t tell me Tom Brady or Drew Brees should be on this list. Don’t be that guy!

Lamar Jackson: When you have the best QB season of all time and you’re only 23 years old, you have to be first. He has the highest floor of any QB. His only downside is he is more likely to be injured than any other QB in the league.

Patrick Mahomes: If you were to tell me Mahomes should be number 1, I wouldn’t argue to hard. Either or these guys are in their own tier.

Deshaun Watson: He is sort of a hybrid of Jackson and Mahomes at 90% of what they are.

Kyler Murray: Murray has the potential to explode next year. He topped 500 rushing yards and was 9th in total pass attempts, and is only 22 years old. All things you want.

Dak Prescott: Great weapons, has rushing ability and was 2nd in QB fantasy points. He’s a rock-solid dynasty QB.

Russell Wilson: Arguably the best QB in the league. Rushing upside and insane efficiency. Only downside, over 30 and still on a run first team.

Josh Allen: 9 rushing touchdowns. He’s a poor man’s Cam Newton....and that’s a good thing.

Sam Darnold: He looked better his rookie year. Mono sapped his season, but he’s still only 22 years old. He just needs more weapons.

Baker Mayfield: Broke Peyton Manning’s rookie record for TD passes, and did it in two fewer games. He has great weapons. Let’s all be patient, he will bounce back.

Carson Wentz: He was low key great this season. 4,000 passings yards, 27 tds to only 7 ints, 10th in QB rushing yards. He just didn’t have any weapons.


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