Top 10 Dynasty Running Backs

For those of you who play dynasty fantasy football, here are my current TOP 10 RB rankings. Again, this is “dynasty”. That means you keep the players year after year. If you don’t play, you should, it’s the most fun format. In dynasty AGE MATTERS! .
Christian McCaffrey: No analysis needed.

Saquon Barkely: If Christian McCaffrey wasn't so friggin insane, Barkley would be number 1, but he’s easily my number 2.

Ezekiel Elliott: He’s still young and will continue to get great usage. I’m not worried about the new coach. Even Eddie Lacy has some good seasons under McCarthy.

Alvin Kamara: It was hard to decice between Kamara and Cook, but Cook’s injury history does play in for me and I see Kamara having a longer career.

Dalvin Cook: If it weren’t for his injury concerns, he’d be higher. The presence of Alexander Mattison also worries me slightly.

Joe Mixon: I think Mixon is about 90% of what Saquon Barkley is. He had the worst line in football, but they get their first round lineman Jonah Williams back next year, plus they get Joe Burrow. Wheels up for this workhorse.

Josh Jacobs: You have to like what you saw during his rookie year. Both the usage and the results. He’s also one of the youngest players in the NFL. .
Derrick Henry: He’s a monster. The only reason he’s not higher on this list is his lack of pass-catching ability. .
Nick Chubb: I’m hoping Kareem Hunt goes to another team. Chubb was top 5 before he started playing. If he gets the backfield to himself, I might move him up more, if not, I may drop him a few.

Aaron Jones: I’m anticipating some heat on this one, but I GUARANTEE we just witnessed Aaron Jones best season. The amount of TD’s he scored is likely very difficult for him to repeat. He’s a 205 pound change of pace back, he’s not a workhorse. He’s more Devonta Freeman to me than Christian McCaffrey. Plus Jamaal William is still there.

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