Top 10 Dynasty Wide Receivers

For those of you who play dynasty fantasy football, here are my current TOP 10 WR rankings. Again, this is “dynasty”. That means you keep the players year after year. If you don’t play, you should, it’s the most fun format. I’m expecting a bunch of comments like “where the heck is Julio?” He’s not on this list because he is 31. .
Michael Thomas: He’s in the prime of his career and looks QB-proof. He’s the unquestioned best fantasy WR in the league.

Chris Godwin: I know Mike Evans is there, but I don’t care. Godwin was outstanding in his age 23 season, averaging 20 points per game and playing 96% of the snaps in a pass-happy offense. Come next year, he might be number 1 on this list.

Tyreek Hill: He’s the most dangerous and dynamic WR in the game and he’s tied to the most talented QB in the game. Sign me up for years to come.

DeAndre Hopkins: Hopkins just keeps doing it year after year. He’s finished top 5 in ppr scoring 4 out of 5 seasons including 3 straight. The only reason he’s not higher is he will be 28 when next season starts.

Davante Adams: He had a down year due to injury, but he still finished 6th in points per game. He’s still tied to Aaron Rodgers and should be great for the next few seasons.

Mike Evans: I don’t love his consistency, but the guy just keeps getting it done. He’s only 26 years old, and like Godwin, he’s attached to a coach who throws the ball more than anything.

DJ Moore: If you throw out the week 16 game where he was hurt very early, he finished as the WR7 in point per game. He’s only 22 and he appears go be QB proof.

Amari Cooper: He finished as the WR6 in points per game and his season slowed down due to injury, but he and Dak appear to have something special, and he’s only 25.

AJ Brown: I was low on Brown this offseason due to landing spot, but he proved to be an alpha WR. And he did it all in a very run heavy scheme. Those things can change, so it’s only wheels up for this 22 year old.

Kenny Golladay: I was pleasantly surprised with how he performed this year after Stafford went down. He’s older than most people know at 26, but he’s bound to have some great prime years.

What do you all think?

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