Top 20 Quarterbacks: Adjusted Completion %

Here is the last of my Top 20 posts for advanced stats. This one is about Quarterbacks and Adjusted Completion Percentage. This is a PFF stat where they exclude throw aways, spiked balls, etc. It helps give a better picture of their true pass completion percentage. This is one of the most important stats you can attribute to quarterback success. I'm going to be very interested in whether or not Teddy Bridgewater was a result of the Saints offensive system or if he will take that success with him to Carolina. I have him stashed in dynasty and have my fingers crossed.

Player Adj Comp %
1 Drew Brees 82.9%
2 Derek Carr 82.3%
3 Teddy Bridgewater 80.6%
4 Kirk Cousins 80.2%
5 Jimmy Garoppolo 78.8%
6 Ryan Tannehill 76.8%
7 Russell Wilson 76.5%
8 Matt Ryan 76.5%
9 Patrick Mahomes 76.4%
10 Deshaun Watson 76.3%
11 Philip Rivers 76.2%
12 Lamar Jackson 76.1%
13 Dak Prescott 76.1%
14 Sam Darnold 74.9%
15 Mason Rudolph 74.5%
16 Kyler Murray 74.4%
17 Case Keenum 74.2%
18 Carson Wentz 73.9%
19 Drew Lock 73.6%
20 Ryan Fitzpatrick 73.4%

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