Top 20 Running Backs: Yards After Contact

I showed the Top 20 list of Yards Per Route Run the other day for wide receivers to show a metric that goes beyond just the typical stats you can look at for players. This Top 20 list is for Yards After Contact Per Carry. These are both Pro Football Focus stats. I excluded anyone from this list who had under 100 attempts. There are some obvious names on this list. Derrick Henry was amazing this year, and his combination of efficiency + rush attempts created a Top 5 PPR running back. You want that combination for your running backs. There are however some names like Duke Johnson, Damien Williams and Gus Edwards who were not high producing fantasy backs, but showed to be very efficient on the field. It's something to keep in mind if they're thrown into a more prominent role, and in dynasty leagues these are guys you want to have stashed on your bench.

1 Derrick Henry 4.18
2 Nick Chubb 3.77
3 Chris Carson 3.63
4 Damien Williams 3.59
5 Raheem Mostert 3.5
6 Josh Jacobs 3.48
7 Gus Edwards 3.38
8 Leonard Fournette 3.34
9 Miles Sanders 3.25
10 Ezekiel Elliott 3.23
11 Saquon Barkley 3.23
12 Austin Ekeler 3.23
13 Alexander Mattison 3.22
14 Aaron Jones 3.19
15 Alvin Kamara 3.18
16 Latavius Murray 3.18
17 Benny Snell Jr. 3.18
18 Joe Mixon 3.15
19 Mark Ingram II 3.08
20 Dalvin Cook 3.06

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