Top Quarterback and Tight End Free Agents

Hey two months Free Agency will kickoff and we will start to see players changing teams. Here are a list of the top Quarterbacks and Tight Ends and what I think will happen to each.

Dak Prescott: It's rare for a Quarterback of Dak's ability to hit the Free Agency Market. The Cowboys will not let that happen. He will at the very least get the Franchise Tag. I think both sides want him to stay and I see a large deal getting worked out. When it does, as long as Dak's health doesn't hold him back, he should be a top 5 fantasy asset when he returns in 2021.

Cam Newton: It's become obvious over the past two seasons that Cam's arm is not holding up. And the little bit of accuracy he did have is completely gone. The only value he provides is with his legs. I think it's possible he gets another chance at starting for a team like Chicago, but I don't think we see much from the former MVP moving forward.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: If Nick Foles can lead a team to a Superbowl victory then so can Fitzmagic. I think it would be funny to see him land in New England so that he can say he played for every team in the AFC East. I do actually think it's a decent possibility too. I know Brady is the GOAT, but he played for New England up until the age of 42. Fitzpatrick is only 38. I would love to see him land on a good team and be given a chance to start 16 games. It would be magical.

Philip Rivers: Unless the Colts want to pursue a trade for Carson Wentz, which I think would be cool, I think we see Rivers under center in Indy for another season. His arm strength is non existent, but it's been like that way for awhile. He's still a good QB and quality starter in this league.

Mitch Trubisky: He won't return to Chicago and I honestly don't see him starting anywhere else. When he does sign elsewhere, I think he will still need to compete for a starting job and will not be given a long leash.

Hunter Henry: I could see him landing a more lucrative deal with a team that could use his services like Dallas, Green Bay or Arizona. He's still very young (26) and a quality receiver and blocker, and provides a great red zone threat. One place I'd love to see him land would be Indianapolis. Especially if Rivers or Wentz are under center. However, I still think the most likely landing spot is to resign with LA, and that would be amazing for him and his stud new Quarterback.

Gronk: If Brady stays, I think Gronk returns. If Brady retires, so does Gronk. I don't see any other alternatives. Brady is under contract for another season and I'm rooting for a return for both in 2021.

Jonnu Smith: I think we see Jonnu in a new uniform in 2020. One team in the running is New England. Bill Belichick was quoted this year saying about the TE "probably the best in the league". That's high praise for a player who fits the mold of the type of do-it-all athlete we see commonly on Patriot rosters.

Jared Cook: The Saints will most likely move on from Cook. They have Adam Trautman waiting in the wings. At 35 years old I don't think he has much left to give. I could see him signing as a depth move for some team that's TE needy, but his glory days are well behind him.

Gerald Everett: The Rams TE is someone I was hoping would break out this year. He's very elusive and athletic, but injuries and troubles in protection have limited what he can do. I still think he could be a viable asset for a team that can get him into space. He's another player I could see landing in New England.

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