Week 1 Injury Report

Happy Football Sunday everyone. I’ve teamed up with @fantasydocs this season to provide you with Injury Outlooks every Sunday morning before kickoff. He will give his expert opinion on Gameday outlooks for injured players. Providing his take on the risk level of starting that player on Gameday as well as what to expect for their season outlook. This can help you with not only deciding on whether or not to start the player, but also whether or not you might consider trading away the player to avoid a season-long headache. So make sure you turn on notifications and also, make sure you’re following him. Here are his thoughts on some of the injured players heading into week 1.

❌ Miles Sanders was a surprise scratch after trending positively these past few weeks. That indicates to me that he was almost fully back but the eagles decided to err on the side of caution to make sure he was fully recovered. I would be very surprised if he sat next week. As I said a few months ago his injury risk is moderate and Scott is a must cuff so you can plug and play in these situations but his ceiling is a still a top 5-8 RB.

🔴 Mike Evans:

Hamstring injuries are fickle in the best case scenarios and with him having a season-ending hamstring injury in the same leg last season my level of concern for him over the next month is high and moderately for the rest of the season. I suspect he is used as a decoy similar to Cook’s usage Thursday night if Evans does start. If he has a few high performance games I would try and trade him.

🟠 Kenny Golladay:

Without any significant soft tissue injury history this injury is not as concerning for me. I see Golladay being out 1-2 weeks and returning with a slight chance of aggravation over the next month. I have no concerns keeping him throughout the season.

🟢 Mike Gesicki

Glute injuries are injuries that can be played through and are not very common. In addition his injury tag was removed and as I predicted earlier this week he will start. Fire him up with confidence and this does not affect his season long outlook.

🟠 Courtland Sutton

Season long this injury is not concerning. Getting adequate rest is. He did not practice friday/saturday and I expect him to sit this week. With that being said if he plays I would fire him up as if the pain is tolerable it will get easier to play as he gets rolling. There’s a caveat that if he lands on the shoulder there’s a high chance of him aggravating the pain level and being pulled out. High risk/high reward.

❌ Deebo Samuel

I mentioned a few months ago that jones fractures have a poor healing rate and high risk of both aggravation of the hardware and soft tissue injuries in the foot and ankle (ankle sprain, plantar fasciitis, mid foot sprain). For this reason I’m low on Deebo this first quarter of the season. If he stays healthy my risk outlook is significantly reduced.


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