Week 2 Injury Report

Happy Saturday evening everyone. I’ve teamed up with @fantasydocs this season to provide you with Injury Outlooks every Saturday or Sunday morning before kickoff. He will give his expert opinion on Gameday outlooks for injured players. Providing his take on the risk level of starting that player on Gameday as well as what to expect for their season outlook. This can help you with not only deciding on whether or not to start the player, but also whether or not you might consider trading away the player to avoid a season-long headache. So make sure you turn on notifications and also, make sure you’re following him. Here are his thoughts on some of the injured players heading into week 2.


🟢 James Conner

Chance of sitting: LOW

Chance of snap count: LOW

James Conner will play this weekend and was logging full practices from wednesday. Which begs the question if his ankle sprain was so minor, why couldn’t he play through it last weekend? Durability. The major concern I had with him in the preseason. Start him while he’s healthy but make sure you have Snell on your bench for the inevitable injury.


🟢 Mike Evans

Chance of sitting: LOW

Chance of snap count: LOW

Mike evans played last week but was mostly used as a decoy as anticipated. One week out from recovery and away from Gilmore’s coverage I feel comfortable starting up Evans this week especially with Godwin likely sitting expect a solid bounce back week from Evans.


🟠 Courtland Sutton

Chance of sitting: MED

Chance of snap count: LOW

As predicted correctly last weekend Sutton sat. He should play this weekend and. I would feel comfortable starting him. AC joint sprains heal well and once symptoms are resolved they do not tend to linger.   


🟠 Henry Ruggs

Chance of sitting: MED

Chance of snap count:  LOW

He didn’t practice Friday or Saturday, so there is a chance he sits, but if he plays, he should be good to go without limits.


❌ Michael Thomas  | Ruled out

Michael Thomas will not be back Monday regardless of how “great” he feels. He did not log any official practices this week and it would be highly irresponsible to get your first reps following a high ankle sprain less than a week ago in a live game. On the off chance that he does play that would indicate that this was mis-diagnosed and was actually a low ankle sprain(which can be played through in most cases). I would feel comfortable starting him if he plays but with the game being Monday I wouldn’t take the chance unless my backups are also in that Monday game.


❌ AJ Brown | Ruled out

A bone bruise is misnomer and sounds less severe than it actually is. It’s a fracture to the soft inner bone which destabilizes the outer hard bone. To avoid a subsequent collapse fracture of the outer bone it must be allowed to heal for 2-5 weeks usually. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brown miss next week as well.


❌ Chris Godwin  | Ruled out

There’s a series of steps progressing from no activity->cardio->sport activities->contact activities that need to be traversed with no symptom aggravation for post concussion return to play . It will be extremely hard to make it through all these steps before Sunday and with the late presentation of the symptoms I would assume they will be cautious with his return.


❌ Kenny Golladay  | Ruled out

As predicted earlier in the week Kenny G was ruled out. It was encouraging that he was able to log a limited practice Friday however and I would expect to see him back next week. Now would be the perfect time to by low for him from a panicking owner.


❌ George Kittle | Ruled out

Rumors are that Kittle also has a bone bruise and or a mcl sprain. He didn’t practice all week and we predicted from the beginning he would sit this week. If it is a bone bruise expect him to have a decent liklihood of sitting next week as well. If it’s a mcl sprain I would assume he suits up next week. Watching his early week practice will be key.

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