2021 Dynasty Guide
2021 Dynasty Guide

2021 Dynasty Guide

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Don't you hate it when Fantasy Football season ends? We all do. Well, you don't have to. Join a Dynasty League where the season never ends. Dynasty leagues go year-round and you could be drafting in one TODAY. Be a fantasy GM, and make trades all offseason. Once you start playing dynasty, it will be your favorite format, trust me.

To learn more about what exactly a dynasty league is, click here.

I've been playing dynasty for a long time, and I have a plethora of bookmarked websites on my phone for analyzing my team, potential trades, incoming rookies, player contracts, etc. This year I decided I wanted to create a tool that had just the most important information in one quick and easy place.

Traditional dynasty rankings you see on most websites give you a player name and a ranking.

Fantasy Guides' rankings show valuable statistical data you can use to quickly evaluate players. Visually you can easily see which player performed better or worse based on how much COLOR you see. Each color bar represents the most important stats you need to reference this offseason. The more color you see, the better. You don't have to click on the player name only to be taken to another part of the website to research this, it's all right there.

If you do want to dig in a little deeper, there is a drop-down arrow that expands each player profile to quickly let you view even more dynasty-related info to get a quick grasp of that player's value in dynasty.

If you play dynasty or are looking to get into it, do yourself a favor and get the 2021 Dynasty Guide by Fantasy Guides. It's well worth it, and you will have a valuable weapon to use against your rivals to take them down.

Get the guide. Start drafting. Win your league.

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