Top 20 Wide Receivers – Yards Per Route Run

Yards Per Route Run is one of my favorite metrics. It takes the total number of yards a player gained and divides that by the total number of routes that player ran in a given year. It's one of the best metrics that you can use when trying to predict fantasy production year over year. Ideally you want a player with a very high YPRR to be combined with a player that a very high number of targets. That's how you end up with Michael Thomas. Below are the Top 20 players in yards per target. If you notice, most of the wide receivers on the list below were very good last season.

Name Yards / Route Run
1 A.J. Brown 3.46
2 Michael Thomas 3.17
3 Stefon Diggs 2.97
4 Davante Adams 2.87
5 Julio Jones 2.82
6 Tyreek Hill 2.70
7 Mike Evans 2.67
8 Chris Godwin 2.61
9 Amari Cooper 2.60
10 Jarvis Landry 2.52
11 Courtland Sutton 2.48
12 John Brown 2.46
13 DeAndre Hopkins 2.45
14 Michael Gallup 2.44
15 Will Fuller 2.43
16 D.J. Moore 2.40
17 Hunter Renfrow 2.39
18 Terry McLaurin 2.38
19 Deebo Samuel 2.37
20 Tyler Lockett 2.37

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